Welcome to our Happy Bee's web site, home of Raw Honey, nothing added nothing taken away. 

I have taken an interested in bee's for about 4 or 5 years, this was prompted by watching bee's dying in our garden and hearing how this charming little insect was struggling to survive. I first began to plant more bee friendly plants in the garden and leaving area's a little wild where a few nettles could grow, putting up an Insect Hotel for over wintering. Our garden has ponds so there is plenty of water to drink.  So bring bee's into our lives has been a gradual decision, not taken lightly.

We brought our first Bee's home on the 9th June 2012, just as the weather began to change for the worse.  Cold and wet days along with mist and wind added to this dismal weather.  Bless the Bee's they did not have many sunny days to become accustom to their new surroundings.

At that time we were feeding both hives, the Cream hive in our garden and the green hive at the farm.  Cream hive seemed to be the stronger of the two, however as we moved into the following year, we found that the green hive bee's were hardier, more used to cold weather.  We check the hives on a weekly basis when the weather is agreeable, not too wet.

To date 2015 , we have  5 hives going through the winter, it has been fascinating to watch, the life of these very gentle colony's,  which I'm happy about as they are only about 3ft from my washing line, (washing is clean when I bring it in). The bee's are even happy in the summer when I cut the hedge and when my husband uses a petrol lawnmower to cut the grass.  Happy when our Grand-children are visiting and playing in the garden, and from little Alfie to big James all seem to enjoy watching the Bee's, well at least for a short period of time...then play beckons

My love of these friendly, furry little bee's increases each day.  I just wanted to share the magic these little bee's have brought with them.  Positive thoughts for them coming through this winter all being well :-).

Note: in the summer of 2012 whilst digging in my garden, a bed which is not often visited as by the time almost get to this one its time to start at the front again....I could smell honey.  Strange I thought and left the bed for that day, next day I returned to continue clearing and saw Bumble Bee's around the lower leaves of a plant, I thought this odd.  I always see them at this side of the garden on my flowers..I watched and there to my amazement the bee's were going underground.  So that year we had 3 hives and a wild Bumble Bee's nest too : -). We feel truly blessed.  

I now attend the Craft Fair at Houghton le Spring each month (3rd Saturday in the month) and (3rd Sunday of the month) at Murton Glebe Centre, where our honey can be bought and pictures of our hives can be seen.  Come along and visit, ask questions and perhaps buy some real honey, the date of the fairs are on my calendar :-)

2016: we have come thought the winter with 5 strong hives which is heart warming :-)

10th June, we had an inspection of our hives from the Defra Inspector, and all hives were given a clean bill of health, inspector very happy with our Apiary.  All the work of Jim my husband, I'm the egg spotter, note taker, photographer, web site updater and fair attender.  Delighted to talk to you at the fairs that I attend, come and say hello.

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